Join me to an unforgettable adventure to the Arctic Ocean!

Ready for an unforgettable adventure to travel to extreme natural locations on earth? Then come on-board with me on a group-tour to this amazing journey to Spitsbergen, Svalbard.
Svalbard aerial view!

Svalbard is far desolated and barren with large open landscapes with barely adequate vegetation and countless glacier spanning around the island but that’s what makes it unique destination on earth where you can discover breath-taking nature-filled experiences of lifetime and to be obvious – Northern Lights in November.


“A” is Svalbard

Svalbard is a Norwegian Archipelago (which means group of Islands) situated between Norway and north pole.


For those who like to join me from India; 15th November 2018 – 23th November 2018

For those who like to join directly at Longyearbyen, Svalbard; 16th November 2018 – 23rd November 2018


Its a complete backpacking tour which means:

  • Traveling in low-cost budget airlines with cabin luggage only
  • Possibility of taking long layovers or Red-eye flights.
  • Staying in shared accommodations (Hostels/apartments)
  • Cooking or sharing meals together wherever necessary


Svalbard is not like a typical tourist destinations, it is meant mainly for adventurers who want to challenge and travel to extreme natural locations, so one should note following things in mind before joining:

  • It is situated at only 1300km from North pole where 60% of landmass is covered with Ice and less than 10% has vegetation.
  • It will be very cold in November where the normal temperature varies between (-30 to  -11 degrees ˚C) so prepare with layers of good temperature controlled clothing and thermal (something you can get from Decathlon)
  • While walking inside or outside town you have to take extra precaution because of Polar bear protection.
  • It will be mostly dark but being in early November will gives us option to explore Polar nights which looks beautiful.


Following are couple of things we plan to do on this tour while our stay in Svalbard:

  • Since Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is not a fixed phenomenon, we will be taking multiple trips to witness northern lights but in different forms for 3 days like hiking, cruising etc.
  • Since this is the best chance for Polar night we will have more options to witness Picturesque views of nature!
  • Svalbard is famous for its Ice-caves, so we will also try to fit one ice-caving tours in our trip schedule.
  • Dog-sledging is famous in arctic regions and will also be a part of our adventure!


For People Joining from India along with me:

  • Flights + Accommodation: Approx. Rs 80,000-90,000 (Can varies at the time of booking)
  • Excursion Trips: Approx. Rs 30,000 – Rs 40,000 (can vary as per own choice and rate at the time booking)
  • Visa: You don’t need Visa for Svalbard, but we will be transiting through Schengen area twice, its better to get a Schengen visa which cost approx (Rs 6,000)
  • Host Fees: Since I will be doing entire planning for flights, hotels and travel in Svalbard based on my extensive travel experience, I will charge a very nominal fees of Rs 7,500 per person only.
  • Booking Method: Once host fees is paid, I will share entire details of booking options and you can either directly book yourself or alternatively I can book on your behalf, everything will be transparent.

Besides this, I will provide free visa support for advising documentation. The visa part has to be done first before any trip related booking and those who had a valid visa is advised after to join immediately to avoid increase in flights fare hike.

 For people Joining directly at Svalbard:

All those who are interested in joining me directly at Svalbard and would like to  continue the tour thereafter, please reach me directly with your own flight details at below:


Wat’s app: +91-9870114333


I am a travel blogger and have done a great amount traveling specifically in Europe. I have seen amazing landscapes of Iceland or mesmerizing fjords of northern Norway and have got the chances to witness the amazing Northern lights on the shores of Norwegian sea. I am in love with nature and dream to experience all the top nature places on earth in this lifetime.

Feel free to stop by and follow my social channels:

Life is short and we only get few chances to experience this part of travel in life. So Lets travel together to this ultimate journey of Svalbard and nurture the magical experience of nature in real! 🙂



13 Comments Add yours

  1. Rekha says:

    Sounds interesting. 😀 Any last date for booking?


    1. Hey! Thanks..not really…the earliest you can book before travel date. The price though might increase as compared to what you can get now. 🙂


      1. Rekha says:

        Yes… True that. I was thinking of a trip sometime in November or December. Haven’t decided on the place yet… 🙂


      2. Well if it suits your budget and interest, you are definitely welcome to try this one! 🙂


      3. Rekha says:

        Yes, sure. 🙂 I will let you know. 🙂

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  2. yamey says:

    For intrepid travellers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed and who loves adventures!😀 thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  3. Puja says:

    Are kids allowed? Would like to travel with my 5 year old son


    1. Hi Puja. Unfortnately the climate in November will be very cold there so wouldn’t really advise for so young kids.


  4. This sounds interesting..

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  5. gishingeemon says:

    What a energetic words!

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