Why Do I Travel?


I travel to experience a life,

a life full of pain and smile, which is filled with rainbow of inspiration;

I travel to live an imagination,

Imagination which dwells the dreams of my life;

I travel to meet new people,

people who helps me smile through those moments of the life;

I travel to fill my voids,

voids which I have forgotten to replenish all this time;

I travel to face my fears,

fears which never allowedΒ  me to feel free spirit;

I travel to live adventures,

adventures which sparks the excitement in my life;

I travel to venture new places,

the beauty of which fills the passion in my life;

So why do I travel?

I travel to chase the dreams and follow my heart keeping the faith that no matter what happens along all this way, at the end, it will definitely be a hell of a ride! πŸ™‚


So tell me why do you travel?

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